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Sticky Marketing Sales & Marketing Lessons

Gain valuable insight from our experts in a range of essential subjects as they share their specialist areas of experience.

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Body Language

John Cremer

How to read people better in business.

Richard Newman

How to achieve more in business using body language.

Employee & Customer Experience

Nigel Risner

How to improve employee and self motivation.

Lara Morgan

Building a multi £ million business from scratch.

Rasheed Ogunlaru

Putting the heart back into business.

Adrian Swinscoe

How to provide outstanding customer service.

Andy Hanselman

Think in 3D! And transform your business.

Professor Damian Hughes

How to Think Like Sir Alex Ferguson.

Shaun Smith

Delivering a branded customer experience

Ethical Marketing

Professor Agnes Nairn

Ethical issues when marketing to children.

Chris Arnold

Reputation is more important than your own publicity.

Grant Leboff Speaking

Grant Leboff

Grant Leboff at speaking engagements.


Costas Papaikonomou

Business innovation - new & old product development.

Internet Marketing

Steve Barton

Creating content and Word of Mouth Marketing.

Graham Jones

Using psychology in e-commerce.

Dave Chaffey

Digital Marketing Strategy, Implementation and Practice

Marketing Principles

Barnaby Wynter

Creating long term customers.

Justin Basini

Creating trust in business.

Robert Craven

Marketing for new and small businesses.

Kevin Duncan

Starting a new business.

Drayton Bird

Common Sense Direct & Digital Marketing

Bryony Thomas

The Watertight Marketing Methodology

Warren Cass

How to Raise Your Profile, Manage Your Reputation & Get Noticed

Negotiation and Persuasion

Simon Hazeldine

Applying neuroscience to improve business.

Philip Hesketh

The psychology of persuasion and influence .

Michael Dodd

Great answers to tough questions.


Rob Brown

The importance of using referrals in business.

Andy Lopata

Creating sales through networking and referrals.

Organisational Performance

Brian MacNeice

An expert in high performance.

Guy Rigby

An expert in high performance.

Personal Performance

Brian Mayne

Goal mapping & Self mapping

Pete Wilkinson

Helping you become unstoppable

Steve Head

How To Avoid A Near Life Experience

Thomas Barta

Raising and achieving growth aspirations

David Hyner

Stress Management

Nicci Roscoe

Make an Impact


Simon Morton

Learn the Formula Behind Powerful Presentations

Problem Maps®

Grant Leboff

How to create effective sales messages (Problem Maps®).


Gavin Ingham

Motivating yourself and others.

Grant Leboff

Talking about his first book, ‘Sales Therapy’.

Mark Blackmore

Exposing common sales myths.

Tony Morris

The sales doctor

Phil Jones

An authority of sales psychology and negotiation.

Social Media

Danny Bermant

Expert on LinkedIn, Influencer Marketing and YouTube.

Guy Clapperton

Turning social media into sales.

Penny Power

Why social media is so important to modern business.

David Taylor

Understanding social media in business.