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Book: Sales Therapy

Effective Selling for the Small Business Owner

"This book changed my life. My sales went from 30% to 40% in one month. I passed this book on to the top salesman in our office and he went above 50%."
Andrew Vickery
Why, when most people are trying to sell something, do they still make 'sales presentations' when they are normally a waste of time? Persist with the myth of 'open' and 'closed' questions when the model is flawed? Insist on 'selling the benefits' when it never works?
Changes in the world have rendered the old transactional sales model obsolete. Sales Therapy presents the new one.

Sales Therapy has remained in the top 500 Amazon UK Sales & Marketing charts since it was published in 2007.

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About Sales Therapy
Selling as most people know it doesn't work anymore. In a business world driven by relationships and reputation, it's like trying to force a square peg into a round hole. Small business owners instinctively know that it's relationships that count. The challenge is how to put the relationship first and still get results. Sales Therapy is the answer to that dilemma. It's an approach that will enable you to win customers by caring.
The Sales Therapy model means your focus is on the customer, not you, the relationship comes first, not the transaction, you can concentrate on the sales process, not the result, you fulfill your customer's goals and you don't make sales, you help people buy.
It's time to commit those terrible 'closing techniques' to the recycle bin. When you're selling your business' products or services, you don't have to have all the answers. You're there to ask the questions. Sales Therapy shows you exactly what you need to do.