Sticky Marketing Seminars

If you lag behind competitors in Sales and Marketing you may be putting the life of your business at risk.
Sticky Marketing Club® bring you their unique style of marketing seminar and marketing classes to ensure members are up to date with the latest tools, technologies and techniques to promote their business effectively.
"That was a spectacular session. I don't recall such enthusiasm for a speaker in the past and that is saying something!"
Ivan J Goldberg, Group Chairman, Vistage 10

Are You Missing Out On The Latest Marketing Thinking?

In this fast paced world where innovations are delivering new:

  • Tools
  • Technologies
  • Ideas

all the time, how do you ensure your business is not missing out? Whether you are a Business Owner, CEO, Director or working within the Sales and Marketing department, it is almost impossible to stay abreast of all the changes that are thrust upon us.

Whether it is a marketing seminar or a series of marketing classes, Sticky Marketing Club® deliver a variety of sessions to tackle the different aspects of sales and marketing that are changing so much today.

Introducing The Sticky Marketing Seminar Guarantees

Sticky Marketing Seminars cover a wide variety of topics. From understanding the keys to effective selling, to how to develop an effective marketing strategy; from understanding Word of Mouth Marketing, to how to make the Web and Social Media work for your business; we cover the whole gamut of Sales and Marketing topics.

No matter what the subject, each seminar guarantees to deliver to attendees:

  • An enlightening explanation of the current environment in order to gain a real insight of what is happening in the market.
  • Fresh thinking at the cutting edge of Sales and Marketing, not a tired rehash of age old ideas.
  • Practical tools that can be used to improve your results now.
  • Proven techniques so you can obtain a positive return on the time spent on the day.
  • New and easy ways to implement ideas for your business.

Don't miss out on the marketing opportunities that exist for your business. Lagging behind competitors is not an easy place to be in a world driven by word of mouth recommendations, online searches and reputation.

Attend a marketing seminar or one of our marketing classes and ensure your business doesn't just survive, but thrives in the new economy.

You can view the current seminar schedule here.