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Sticky Marketing Strategy

How Successful Are Your Sales and Marketing Activities?

Marketing is no longer about employing a series of tactics. Find out why, without the right marketing strategies and marketing plans in place, you are unlikely to have the success you require.

Do you ever:

  • Become anxious that you are not bringing enough sales opportunities into your business?
  • Get frustrated with the amount of time you employ, using the Web and social media, with unsatisfactory results?
  • Feel disappointed with the money you spend on marketing that doesn't work?
For those businesses that want to obtain more from their sales and marketing activities, Sticky Marketing Club® offers The Sticky Marketing Strategy Workshop™.

Stop Shouting, Start Thinking

In the days when marketing was all about 'shouting' at potential customers, companies used a variety of 'tactics' from telemarketing to direct mail, to advertising in brochures and magazines etc. Now marketing is no longer about 'shouting' at prospects. The challenge for companies today is to become attractive and have customers come to them.

The new tools which people are utilising for this endeavour, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Websites, Blogs etc. are not effective if they are merely used as a disparate set of tactics.

Businesses now have to employ effective marketing strategies and marketing plans in order to ensure their success.

Become Strategic, Become Sticky

The Sticky Marketing Strategy Workshop™ provides you with a robust and enhanced Sales and Marketing strategy to ensure:

  • Your company receives a steady stream of new business enquiries - so you don't have to worry from where the next customer is coming.
  • The quality of enquiries is improved, meaning potential customers acknowledge and appreciate your expertise - so they are more likely to buy from you.
  • When communicating with customers, you use better sales messages that are consistently effective - making it easier to convert good enquiries into paying customers.
  • This new approach to marketing, of 'pulling' customers to you, rather than 'pushing' messages out, provides companies with unprecedented opportunities. However, the businesses that don't grasp the changes will simply struggle to survive.

Ensure you have the right marketing strategies and marketing plans in place for the future.

If you want to guarantee the success of your marketing, ask us about the Sticky Marketing Strategy Workshop™. To find out more, please get in touch below
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