What approach should a small business take to social media?

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In which camp are you? ‘Social Media is not for me’ or ‘Social Media is where it’s at’?

In this lesson, Grant Leboff explains to Dave Harries why, like it or not, companies have to accept that social media is now an operational cost of doing business.

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About Grant Leboff

Founder of Sticky Marketing Club, Grant provides businesses with new Sales and Marketing strategies to be successful in an ever changing world.

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  1. Gоodⅾ post but I waѕ wondering if you could write a litte
    morre on thіis sᥙbject? I’d be very gratеful if you
    couⅼd elaborate a little bit mⲟre. Many thanks!

    1. Author

      Thanks Ferienhaus for your comment. I am glad that you enjoyed the video. Of course, social media is a huge topic. There are quite a lot more insights in other videos on the site.

      For example, social platforms means that everybody today has their own media channel. The fact that the customer is the channel is addressed here – https://www.stickymarketing.com/blog/the-customer-is-the-channel/

      In a world where organisations and businesses own media channels building an audience is important. I talk about this here – https://www.stickymarketing.com/blog/building-an-audience/

      Social interaction on these platforms leads to people talking about the need to ‘engage’ prospects and customers. I address engagement here – https://www.stickymarketing.com/blog/engagement-explained/

      If you are really interested you might want to look at one of the books that I wrote called – Digital Selling. There is more information here – https://www.stickymarketing.com/books/digital-selling/

      I hope that this is useful.

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