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What others say on Social Media 

18 July Twitter Michael Craggs@mikecraggs_svhs·@VistageUK Great V88 session today with @grantleboff hosted by @S_R_McCarthy learning about Digital Marketing and the Sex Pistols story https://t.co/6STUVVvuMa

6 June Twitter - Whitford Worldwide • @Whitfordww @grantleboff @emmaplinkfizz @VistageUK @PlinkfizzUK It was great! thank you Grant!

5 June LinkedIn Fiona Hawkins Managing Director of multi award-winning Midlands and North West Marketing Agency. Had a great time today discussing the effect of the digital age on best practice marketing with @Grant Leboff

5 June Twitter Emma Tilley • @emmaplinkfizz Great talk by @grantleboff at @Whitfordww about The Digital Age affecting business @VistageUK@PlinkfizzUK #digitalmarketing pic.twitter.com/BTM5dlwxW5

29 May LinkedIn - Phil Bailey Group MICE Sales Manager An insightful morning with Grant Leboff Sharpening that Saw at Apex Haymarket. If you haven’t already, have look at Sticky Marketing, great progressive vlogs/blogs

18 May LinkedIn - Eddie McGeachie. Helping Procurement Professionals Deliver Cost Savings Through Spend Analytics - Analytics Translator.. The Uspire Group hosted a thought provoking event yesterday in Birmingham. What a fantastic venue and amazing speaker's Grant Leboff digital mindset

17 May LinkedIn - Mark OldenHead of Operations & Retail at Tactical Solutions Unbelievable day today, thank you so much for the invite. The speakers were not just passionate but inspiring, no speaker I’ve heard before has been more thought provoking than Grant!!

17 May Twitter - Indi Deol@IndiDeol· Listening to a great speaker this morning @grantleboff for @uspiregroup We all own digital media channels. We definitely do @DESIblitz ✅ #DigitalMarketing https://t.co/lrQG3ULcYJ

16 May Twitter - Rachel McGrory @realrachelmc  Fascinating talk on #engagement from @grantleboff All seems so obvious now! #CommsHero

16 May Twitter - Sofia Choudry Cann‏ @sofiacann1  My fave speaker ever is about to take to the stage! @grantleboff @CommsHero #commshero #marketing #PR #Comms #socialmedia

16 May Twitter - Georgina Thompson @ge0rginat. inspiring words from @grantleboff about making your customer the hero @CommsHero.

16 May Twitter - Alex Jones‏ @AllyKJones Incredible insights on Engagment from @grantleboff Value Stories Community Heroes and Silly Cows #CommsHero

16 May Twitter - Anna Dillon‏ @AnnaD_Aster. Follow @AnnaD_Aster Anna Dillon Retweeted CommsHero. Awesome to hear @grantleboff this morning, never fails to disappoint. thanks for sharing some of your brilliant tips and tricks of a #commshero now looking forward to a refreshing drink from @innocent

16 May Twitter - Hannah @hannahljackson1@CommsHero great talk from @grantleboff “context is your friend, you can make something unrelevant, seemingly relevant”

16 May Twitter - Tiffany Jones‏ @Tiffanyemma. FollowFollow @Tiffanyemma Wow, my hand hurts from making notes - who writes anymore!! Inspiring talk from @grantleboff at #CommsHero I think I had a lightbulb moment

16 May Twitter - Nicki Kirkup‏ @nickicc. FollowFollow @nickicc. Brilliantly inspiring session @grantleboff - loads to take away. Including the tune ‘I am I feel’ by Alisha’s Attic playing in my head. Thanks for that. I think! #CommsHero

16 May Twitter - Katie Lonslow @katie_lonslow. Feeling inspired by @grantleboff and his talk on engagement #commshero

17 May LinkedIn - Edward Hembrow. Clinical Account Manager at Edwards Lifesciences.

Great to meet and excellent presentations by Grant Leboff today at the #Uspireleadership programme


16 May LinkedIn. Samantha Foster Marketing and Campaigns Coordinator ‘Fabulous day so far at #CommsHero such an insightful talk from Grant Leboff.

16 May LinkedIn. Lauren Allen Resale Negotiator at Aster Group Limited. ‘Grant Leboff total 'lightbulb' moment!’

16 May Linked In Russell Anderson-Williams. Prezi Expert. Founder of The Prezenter & Onside. Presentations. Speaker & author. Helping business people be more creative. ‘Amazing talk

11 May 2018 Lisa Molloy@GMS_lisam· Looks like my to do list just got bigger @NeilMaleGMS! Great Open Day from @VistageUK with @grantleboff. Surprising what you can learn about marketing from The Sex PISTOLS - I'm off to hire a boat down the Thames... https://t.co/cXfJArQt9n

11 May 2018 Viscose • @ViscoseClosures Great day with the Viscose team @vistage event with Grant Leboff discussing marketing pic.twitter.com/jI7cUowWwq

21 February 2018 Chris Sargisson • @Chris_NorfolkCC Probably the most relevant and interesting marketing talk I’ve ever attended: “what can the sex pistols teach us about marketing?” @grantleboff @davidbrient @AcademyCEOpic.twitter.com/oBXfSxcWZf

8 February 2018 Robyn MacMillan Today I came away inspired by Grant Leboff and his views on #marketing and the future of what that means for #business. [LinkedIn 8 Feb 2018]

7 February 2018 Adam Whitehouse • @ARWhitehouse13 Fantastic training at Keele today with @grantleboff. Are you ready for a marketing paradigm shift?

14 January 2018 angela campbell • @angelacampbell Marketing lecture on a Sunday! Great content though! Thanks @grantleboff and @TheHakimGroup pic.twitter.com/YQOaPVrcbJ

Grant speaking Hakim Group 2018 01 14

14 December 2017 Paul Kelly@PaulLawBlacks Excellent talk from marketing supremo @grantleboff today. Highly recommended

7 December 2017 BSA Buying Group‏ @BSA_BuyingGroup Follow @BSA_BuyingGroup More #ESSAConference @grantleboff Very insightful conference speech from Grant this morning. It’s about building a digital audience and providing expert insights and added value to influence and disrupt your prospect audience. It’s how you deliver not what you deliver. Great speech! / @grantleboff that was an excellent keynote speech. We agree with everything you said. Thank you for the insights. #ESSA

7 December 2017 Bray Leino Events‏ @BrayLeinoEvents Follow @BrayLeinoEvents More A great start to the #ESSA conference with keynote speaker @grantleboff on how to add value in today’s “experience economy” #ThursdayThoughts #eventprofs

7 December 2017 Guardian Display • @GuardianDisplay We are at the ESSA #conference today. We just listened to speaker Grant Leboff - he was very good! #eventprofs pic.twitter.com/5lObiirjJz


5 December 2017 Jay Blake • @jayblake_@fluff35 @grantleboff ... it was a really valuable event - definitely if you can get Grant to speak at your event he is worth every penny

5 December 2017 Phil Mullis • @phil_mullis Absorbing, thought provoking talk from the excellent @grantleboff #DigitalMarketingtwitter.com/wilkinskennedy…

30 November 2017: ALPS@alpsltd We've just wrapped up a great session with @grantleboff , thanks for coming in Grant! ow.ly/fLOI30gVjZg

17 November 2017: Custodian‏ @custodianinfo Follow @custodianinfo More Great @VistageUK meeting yesterday and fantastic marketing talk by @grantleboff from @stickymktgclub Marketing meets rock n' roll. Genius!

16 November 2017 Andy Bowman @andyjbowman73 Just had an incredible course with @grantleboff. A must for anyone who does #marketing& loves the #sexpistols https://t.co/E86qrZavr0

Bowman - Sex Pistols

16 November 2017 Ian Windle • @ianlivechange Brilliant marketing workshop from Grant Leboff today at Vistage Surrey Leadership group. How experiential is your marketing?

7 November 2017 The Watford UTC @TheWatfordUTC Marketing yourself online - Masterclass for Post 16 students. Great advice from @stickymktgclub Grant Leboff https://t.co/uqhpjgMHMo

6 November 2017 Raj Shah • @sheffield_ifa Thought (and action) provoking presentation by @grantleboff today. So much quality info! #marketing#youarethemedia pic.twitter.com/NWnaXsi8Pa

6 November 2017 Dean Hobbs • @DeanGHobbs We’re lucky to have @grantleboff speaking to us @SolidusTrusts about digital marketing & how we all have a media co which needs 2 be managed

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Case Study

A case study on applying the principles of Sticky Marketing to a charityRichard Turner Chief Fundraiser, SolarAid 2011-2016.

"‘Sticky Marketing’ was prophetic."

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What others say on-line

24 August 2017 Podcast

Internet Marketing Podcast

Internet Marketing Podcast Presented by Site Visibility: In this episode, Andy is joined by CEO of Sticky Marketing, Grant Leboff to discuss digital selling. 19:48 Listen to podcast

18 August 2017 US Radio Broadcast
Jim Blasingame - Small Business Avocate

USA Radio - Focus on quality, not quantity prospecting Grant Leboff returns to join Jim Blasingame to discuss how acquiring leads through marketing has changed in that you have to focus on quality more than quantity. Listen to broadcast

3 July 2017 Streamed Live 


Grant Leboff on TV "On this edition of Business Connections Live, Steve Hyland asks Grant Leboff, one of the UK’s leading sales and marketing experts, about Effective Marketing In A Digital World."  Click here to watch Business Connections Live TV 1:02:00 

2017 USA Radio Broadcasts

Surrounding the publication of ‘Digital Selling’ (2016) Grant Leboff was interviewed by radio stations across the USA.

Click here to select from the following radio interviews

OCTalkRadio - Critical Mass for Business - Richard Franzi 16 May 2017 Banner

Ed Fulbright - Grant interview cropped

Kim Pagano Show Banner

This week in America podcast

Jim Blasingame - Small Business Avocate



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Amazon .co.uk and .com 5* Digital Selling reviews


A Complete Game Changer... By Nick Horton on 5 September 2017
"Whether you are just getting started or more advanced with your digital sales approach, this book is an essential read..." Read full review


Strongly recommended By Amazon Customer on 4 May 2017
"This is an excellent book for anybody who wants to maximise sales in these days of digital disruption...." Read full review
Soon to become required reading in the industry I'm sure By John Lee on 15 February 2017
"I like this book. I like a lot. It could well become the industry bible for digital selling..." Read full review


Very good TOP 1000 REVIEWER on 11 October 2016
"Using social media and the web to funnel sales to your business is the aim of this easy-to-read, powerful guide to digital selling...." Read full review

Stevo's Business Book of the Week for the week of 2/5 is:

'Digital Selling: How to Use Social Media and the Web to Generate Leads and Sell More by Grant Leboff (Kogan Page, $24.95) - With an increasing volume of customer time and attention being devoted to mobile and social channels .... Read full review 

4 November 2016 –  stickymarketing.com/contact-us/

"I've just read [Digital Selling] in a couple of days.. I won't apologise when I say I have made annotations and asterisks all through the book to relevant passages - it's great. I am going to use a lot of ideas in the book to transform how we do things at The West Group…Thanks for your insight and enlightening me! Darryl Osborne, Sales Director, The West Group Ltd"


Lean Sales and Marketing / Selling in the Digital World

Posted on by


Book Review: ‘Digital Selling: How to Use Social Media and the Web to Generate Leads and Sell More,’ by Grant Leboff

Posted by: Patricia Gale Posted 28 October 2016

It’s a must-read for anyone selling in today’s radically transformed digital environment. It’s a crisply written road map for navigating this new terrain. Using illuminating anecdotes and helpful analogies, Leboff takes a canny look at what’s changed, and offers effective, digital-savvy strategies... Read full review



Selling in an Age of Social Media: An Interview with Grant Leboff

10/17/2016 11:08 am ET

Phil Simon Speaker, Author, Advisor, faculty member at ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business.

Social media has been with us for a while now. While I’m not expert, it’s fair to say that it, in many cases, it has changed traditional methods of moving stuff. But how does a business compete in this age?...

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Amazon.com  5* Digital Selling review

"Very good" 11 Oct. 2016

By Autamme_dot_com - Published on Amazon.com

".... This book is a powerful ally to have on your side. Use it, whilst you can, before it may be too late for your untransformed business."

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Amazon co.uk - 5* - Digital Selling review

Top Customer Reviews

"Excellent and insightful - a must read!"

By Sophie Hurrell-Smith on 28 Sept. 2016

"An excellent book- I've had it a week, read it once and I'm reading it again already! It is so useful, relevant and insightful."

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Sticky Archives...

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Amazon co.uk - 5* - Stickier Marketing review

An A1 must read to really understand modern marketing: It occurs to me that many of the people who read this book are likely to consider themselves quite well-informed about recent developments in marketing strategy. Their response to every step in Grant Leboff’s argument is like to be: “Yes, of course. That’s obvious! So, why didn’t I think of it that way?” This, at any rate, was my own reaction when I read the first edition of this book, in July last year. Of course, as I quickly realised, sometimes it takes a genius to draw our attention to the “obvious”... read full review

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Atladas Media commenting on Sticky Marketing Club's Facebook page

"I did two different things Sticky Marketing book mentions for one of my clients. One big campaign and a smaller one. Got business from both. The more people believe it doesn't work, the better for me, as I have less companies to compete with :-) 4 April 2013

Web, Social Media Continue to Grow More Important For Television

By Tonya Garcia on May 2, 2012 4:59 PM

…Entertainment and digital companies are taking their cues from the audience. New Nielsen research shows that more than two-thirds of viewers are watching TV and using their tablet devices at the same time. Grant LeBoff, writing for The Huffington Post, looks closely at the topic, writing, “For marketing to be effective, all businesses must ask themselves, are they encouraging their customers to be involved, ‘like’ and ‘mention’ them in a positive light to garner as much social proof as possible?”

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Ehow.com - What is Sticky Marketing

By Khary Reynolds, eHow Contributor updated April 19, 2011
Sticky marketing aims to keep your customers coming back for more. Sticky marketing is an approach to marketing that was launched in early 2011...
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Why you should read Sticky Marketing

As the subtitle of this book states, “everything in marketing has changed.” Marketers should no longer concern themselves with the previously undisputed principles of unique selling propositions (USPs), client benefits, positioning, local competition and even superior service. Social networks have redistributed power into the hands of the consumer. Now, to make your brand attractive, you must take the focus off the transaction and provide value, create an experience and join in the online conversation. Grant Leboff thoughtfully outlines the new, “sticky” method of marketing, explaining why “customer engagement” reigns supreme. He lays out the ABCs of “sticky marketing,” including helpful summaries at the conclusions of each chapter. getAbstract recommends that all marketers give this a thorough read and refer to it often.
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How valuable is Facebook to businesses?

by Christopher Jenkins

....The internet is clearly a ‘Rule Changer’ as Grant Leboff describes it in his excellent book called “Sticky Marketing”. The change in communications from one-to-many into many-to-many is fact, not a fanciful theory. It is clear that we no longer have the right to respond that the old style of communication, facilitated by the PR and creative agencies allowed us to have. No longer can we rely on creating an image that reflects our product or service when people talk about us between themselves without us being able to control those conversations. Reputation is all and yours will stand or fall on what other people say, or what they don’t say, to each other about you.

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What our clients & seminar delegates say...

transmentum logo

Grant Leboff Scores Straight 10'S At April Peer Group

04 Apr 2014 | Posted by Default Admin User

Members and guests often tell us that the opportunity to work on their business (instead of in it) is one of the greatest benefits of attending Transmentum Peer Group meetings. The April event was particularly useful. Grant Leboff spent a morning expanding on how our marketing has to change radically if it is to be effective in the digital age. Members and guests (always a tough audience) scored Grant with straight 10's on both delivery style and on content.

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Don’t waste efforts in shouting ‘out of context’
“A high-impact book.”

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