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23 March 2017 Mark J Stonham‏ @markjstonham Excellent technique to grow an audience very rapidly

23 March 2017 Lou Johnson • @BlueSkyRevGen Hi @grantleboff Good to hear your dulcet tones this afternoon Sir @watertightmkg always some class advice#influencer #trusttransfer

23 March 2017 Rosalind Conkie • @rosconkie #Find your biggest influencers and connect with them" Great #socialmedia #tips from @grantleboff#wmconf17

23 March 2017 Giselle | CFS • @allaboutg @grantleboff excellent session this morning. Lots to take away 🙂

16 March 2017 [via LinkedIn] Graham Farrell Sales Director at Taylor Bloxham Great training session with Grant Leboff and our sales team this week. Very positive feedback from everyone.

23 February 2017 InvestNEL @InvestNEL Using our channel to tell the world the that the @TheBusinessHive #masterclass was excellent & @grantleboff was truly inspiring! #marketingtwitter.com/TheBusinessHiv…

22 February 2017 QSBRRSolicitors@QS_BRRlaw·  Thank you @grantleboff loving the #Marketing presentation it's riveting @TheBusinessHive @OaklandsHall https://t.co/Q0e2EiIBBQ

22 February 2017 FB Wealth Management@FB_WealthLtd· Our first master class and we loved it! thank you so much to @TheBusinessHive and @grantlebofftwitter.com/TheBusinessHiv…

22 February 2017 Sam Burgess • @BurgessSamsa @grantleboff thank you for today @TheBusinessHive all the club members thought you were awesome hope you had a safe trip back!

22 February 2017 Your Business Buddy • @buddy_business'For the 1st time in history everyone has a channel' thanks @grantleboff for your marketing insights & advice. GREAT event#Masterclass twitter.com/thebusinesshiv…

22 February 2017 Red Herring Games • @Redherringgames Fabulous morning training session with @e_factor and @grantleboff learned so much. Thank you!!

22 February 2017 Vicky Claricoates • @vickyclari1Well worth the early start for @grantleboff this morning @OaklandsHall for the @TheBusinessHivemarketing  #masterclass. Fascinating talk pic.twitter.com/Kpa89lH6RU

22 February 2017 Business Hive Club • @TheBusinessHive Thanks to everyone who came to this mornings Master Class, im sure you'll agree it was brilliant! Thank you @grantleboff, it was a pleasure! pic.twitter.com/sF12tmeEDi

22 February 2017 ProcureMe Limited • @ProcureMe_@TheBusinessHive @grantleboff A fantastic event and very worthwhile. Quality speaker, and good #networking. Now to determine the "who"

22 February 2017 sourcefour design • @s4design @grantleboff fantastic talk today. Thank you. It's good to see we are doing things right for our clients.

22 February 2017 Claire Thompson • @ClairethompsNEL Enjoyed the 'How has marketing changed?' @TheBusinessHive #masterclass this a.m. @grantleboff

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Case Study

A case study on applying the principles of Sticky Marketing to a charityRichard Turner Chief Fundraiser, SolarAid 2011-2016.

I first read ‘Sticky Marketing’ in between jobs as a fundraiser in 2011.

It was an epiphany moment.

Now I understood why charity fundraising was no longer working.

For example, costs to attract new individual donors were rising as response rates to direct marketing were falling. I had left my previous job because I was no longer enjoying my role as a fundraiser, despite a career as a fundraiser for 20 years.

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16 March 2017 USA Radio Broadcasts

This week in America podcast

“…an excellent read, it’s a necessary read for anybody who is involved in any type of sales presentations…one of the world’s leading experts on digital marketing”… Ric Bratton – This week in America. (Syndicated across 128 US radio stations) 23.02

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6 March 2017 - USA Radio Broadcasts

Jim Blasingame - Small Business Avocate

Three things to do to improve your high tech selling

Grant Leboff joins Jim Blasingame on Small Business Radio in the USA, to reveal that; delivering your big idea, why your company matters, and your key message in a story, are three things you have to deliver to cut through the content clutter.

Why you have to be attractive to prospects to win their business

Grant Leboff joins Jim Blasingame to reveal how the competitive advantage model has been replaced as the first prospect consideration with whether you’re attractive, or relevant to them.

15 February 2017 Amazon.com

Amazon.co.uk 5* Digital Selling review

'Soon to become required reading in the industry...'

5 February 2017 Amazon.com

Amazon.com 5* Digital Selling review

Stevo's Business Book of the Week for the week of 2/5 is:

'Digital Selling: How to Use Social Media and the Web to Generate Leads and Sell More by Grant Leboff (Kogan Page, $24.95) - With an increasing volume of customer time and attention being devoted to mobile and social channels .... Read full review 

4 November 2016 –  stickymarketing.com/contact-us/

"I've just read [Digital Selling] in a couple of days.. I won't apologise when I say I have made annotations and asterisks all through the book to relevant passages - it's great. I am going to use a lot of ideas in the book to transform how we do things at The West Group…Thanks for your insight and enlightening me! Darryl Osborne, Sales Director, The West Group Ltd"


Lean Sales and Marketing / Selling in the Digital World

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Book Review: ‘Digital Selling: How to Use Social Media and the Web to Generate Leads and Sell More,’ by Grant Leboff

Posted by: Patricia Gale Posted 28 October 2016

It’s a must-read for anyone selling in today’s radically transformed digital environment. It’s a crisply written road map for navigating this new terrain. Using illuminating anecdotes and helpful analogies, Leboff takes a canny look at what’s changed, and offers effective, digital-savvy strategies... Read full review



Selling in an Age of Social Media: An Interview with Grant Leboff

10/17/2016 11:08 am ET

Phil Simon Speaker, Author, Advisor, faculty member at ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business.

Social media has been with us for a while now. While I’m not expert, it’s fair to say that it, in many cases, it has changed traditional methods of moving stuff. But how does a business compete in this age?...

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Amazon.com  5* Digital Selling review

"Very good" 11 Oct. 2016

By Autamme_dot_com - Published on Amazon.com

".... This book is a powerful ally to have on your side. Use it, whilst you can, before it may be too late for your untransformed business."

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Amazon co.uk - 5* - Digital Selling review

Top Customer Reviews

"Excellent and insightful - a must read!"

By Sophie Hurrell-Smith on 28 Sept. 2016

"An excellent book- I've had it a week, read it once and I'm reading it again already! It is so useful, relevant and insightful."

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Amazon co.uk - 5* - Stickier Marketing review

An A1 must read to really understand modern marketing: It occurs to me that many of the people who read this book are likely to consider themselves quite well-informed about recent developments in marketing strategy. Their response to every step in Grant Leboff’s argument is like to be: “Yes, of course. That’s obvious! So, why didn’t I think of it that way?” This, at any rate, was my own reaction when I read the first edition of this book, in July last year. Of course, as I quickly realised, sometimes it takes a genius to draw our attention to the “obvious”... read full review

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Grant Leboff Scores Straight 10'S At April Peer Group

04 Apr 2014 | Posted by Default Admin User

Members and guests often tell us that the opportunity to work on their business (instead of in it) is one of the greatest benefits of attending Transmentum Peer Group meetings. The April event was particularly useful. Grant Leboff spent a morning expanding on how our marketing has to change radically if it is to be effective in the digital age. Members and guests (always a tough audience) scored Grant with straight 10's on both delivery style and on content.

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Don’t waste efforts in shouting ‘out of context’
“A high-impact book.”

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