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17 May 2024 Amaris Grey - Digital Marketing Coordinator at Reynaers Aluminium UK: I’m not a fan of the Sex Pistols…
But after a brilliant seminar earlier this week from Grant Leboff on ‘What the Sex Pistols can teach you about marketing’, they’ve definitely won me over!
Grant used the history of the band to pull out some key marketing insights, which I’m looking forward to putting into practice

9 Feb 2024 - Kevin Monk: Helping start ups achieve scale - Absolute fantastic day this week with my Vistage UK group chaired by Victoria Gee. Guest speaker was Grant Leboff from Sticky Marketing who blew our collective minds with his insight on Branding, especially how to properly Segment and Target the market.

29 June 2023 - Nunn Hayward LLP - Great morning listening to marketing expert Grant Leboff discussing the Psychology of Communication. Fascinating topic with lots of food for thought. 

13 May 2023 Eddie Ellis MNAEA - Awesome few days with my Property Academy team down in Brighton - Unbelievable morning session with Grant Leboff  - Always a pleasure to catching up and learn from the best in the property industry.

9 May 2023 - Andy Cowle • 2nd• Sales Consultant for Avallain Magnet LMS and Author  Attending IH Directors’ Conference 2023  Global sales, training and content advisor for ELT • MC/Speaker • Presentations TrainerSales Consultant for Avallain Magnet LMS and Author  Attending IH Directors’ Conference 2023  Global sales, training and content advisor for ELT • MC/Speaker • Presentations Trainer - Grant Leboff giving great examples of ‘signalling’ in behaviour psychology for powerful and effective marketing for International House London | IH London and International House World Organisation  - Loved it. One relevant, practical story-based example after the next. Textbook, first class presenting. I ordered one of your books as you spoke lol 

9 May 2023 - Guilhaume GARCIA 1st School Manager - CLIC International House SevilleSchool Manager - CLIC International House Seville
Communicating with IMPACT - The Psychology of Effective Communication - What an impactful speech Grant Leboff !

25 November 2022 - David Kirby - Co-Founder at David Lee Estate and Letting Agents - A great day of learning with Property Academy last week. Always insightful discussions with like-minded and successful agents. Grant Leboff - Thank you for the fantastic presentation and sharing your theatre!

10 November 2022 David Fisher ACIM - Enjoying a great company away day at the National Sales Conference! Really enjoying the digital vs analogue, sales vs marketing session with Grant Leboff

19 November 2021 - Teresancompass • @Teresa Jennings Today I was privileged to host our Vistage (CEO peer group) meeting here at @_ncompass @1DHH @VistageUK what a great day with a great bunch of people. Thank you to @grantleboff for his insightful presentation and marketing insight  https://t.co/89D9Mp0IUN

5 November 2021 - Paul Johnson Group Chairman, Coach & Mentor at Vistage International - Grant Leboff we all loved having you in the room! Such fabulous learning. The team were buzzing thinking about their actions from the session!

5 November 2021 Jan-Aage Frydenbø-Bruvoll. What an amazing session that was - Grant Leboff really lit the path for me in terms of how to actually attack marketing and brand building.

30 September 2021 sofiacann1 • @Sofia Choudry Cann: Listening to one of the most engaging speakers I have ever heard. It's @grantleboff speaking as part of @CommsHero right now. So jealous that @Joel_Resource gets to host this one, what a fab birthday present for Joel  #commshero https://t.co/JlkmjXMFM9

30 September 2021 kingsandcubs @Caroline King: Wow, just wow! As ever, @grantleboff smashes it out of the park. Brilliant presentation and I’m the proud owner now of a notebook packed with scribbles. So much to think about. Fabulous start to day 4 #CommsHero pic.twitter.com/twJG9OeVgK

30 September 2021 Sarah J @CooeeComms: @grantleboff loved your #CommsHero session!  I was so intent on listening I just managed this little #sketchnote I need to watch again to refine but I love the simplicity and clarity of your analogies  #narrativearc pic.twitter.com/QVyErTyAGK

19 February 2021 - Briana McCrory - Combining my passion for people, technology & marketing to 'Make Big Happen' as the Global Marketing Director at BigHand: Brand or people? That was the topic of a webinar I recently attended hosted by Minerva with guest speaker Grant Leboff from Sticky Marketing Club Ltd. I went into the webinar thinking I had the answer to this - but I was wrong (publicly admitting too!).

13 February 2021 Millie Coletta - Marketing Assistant at Franklins Solicitors LLP - Really enjoyed this webinar hosted by Minerva. Grant Leboff provides clear, practical advice and food for thought. Looking forward to joining the next!

13 February 2021 Ben Mills - Grant Leboff was a brilliant speaker. I have been fortunate over the years to host some pretty amazing people but Grant was fantastic, good practical advice and keeping it simple as it should be 🦉

11 December 2020 - Thomas J. Vosper - CEO & Co-founder of aisle 3 I ex-Amazon I ex-Tesco I UK & US Search Awards Judge “Great start to Friday listening to a Breakfast Briefing from marketing expert Grant Leboff.”

11 December 2020 - GARY JACKSON - Former founder Hailo/mytaxi/Freenow now consulting in Mobility/Transport/Insurance, also working on the wonderful Stix, Hippocam and Startup2Standup and something big coming to the taxi industry “Just had a really great guest speaker Grant Leboff for startup2stand members, a great presentation and Q&A that would help any business with marketing and sales”

10 December 2020  - Continuum (Financial Services) LLP @MyContinuum “Great session from Grant Leboff, showing how to build your personal profile in a virtual world.”

10 December 2020 - Simon Reeve - Head Of Operations, Continuum (Financial Services) LLP - Another incredible session from Grant Leboff

30 October 2020 - Seb Chiffers - Business Development Assistant at Be More Effective and Key Performance Training ltd / Authorised Partner with UW “A brilliant webinar, hugely interactive and Grant Leboff showed his experience and expertise in answering some very tough questions. Thank you very much for the learning experience.”

29 October 2020 - Bob Hayward - Three Best Selling Books, Popular International Speaker. Enabling business to create immediate and sustainable growth “Brilliant webinar by Grant Leboff today. Superb pragmatic and thought-provoking content with an excellent delivery style. Everyone stayed right to the end -amazing. Thank you Grant from everyone.”

15 October 2020 - Rhys Wyborn - Employment Partner at Shakespeare Martineau - Another great #NottinghamBusinessGrowth breakfast webinar this morning, with the excellent Grant Leboff and his lessons in business strategy & marketing, with stories from the Sex Pistols. They certainly had a way of making themselves stand out!

29 Sept 2020 - Alison Gallagher-Hughes PR and communications specialist, feature writer..
"Communications is a contact sport. It is important to stay close to your customers and stay in the game." Grant Leboff's presentation on Being Relevant In the Next Normal for #commshero this morning focused on how action drives thought and how this should determine our approach to marketing communications. He is such an impassioned speaker who really triggers your thinking. I agree with the attendee who thinks he should stand for PM 🙂

29 September 2020 - Sophie Bowyer @SophieBowyer5 - Day 2 of @CommsHero and I'm a note taking machine  @grantleboff loved this talk thank you! #commshero https://t.co/jtFOMCC1f9

29 September 2020 -Chaya Mistry @ChayaMistry - Please lets scrap the virtual backgrounds! The real you is not putting out everything that is you but rather putting out stuff that is REALLY you! I am really enjoying this @grantleboff #commshero https://t.co/cnaPNHGxGT

29 September 2020 - Thomas @ TyneSight @TyneSightPhoto - Fantastic morning at #CommsHero today. Superb talk just now from @grantleboff. https://t.co/T9IR1Epd3R

29 September 2020 - Louise Robson @loobylou52 - Finally got a chance to join in #commshero week! Great presentation from @grantleboff love the visualisation that “comms is a contact sport” we need to stay close and in the game!

7 Sept 2020 - Myths of Marketing: Tom Elmer, MKTPROF – MARKETING MUSCLE: [Re Marketing Book Podcast] One of my all time favorite interviews, Dougie Fresh. Immediately bought it on Kindle and read it in a day.  I’m adopting this book for my capstone class next semester. It’s the best modern marketing book that combines academic theory and practice of any other out there.

9 July 2020 Matt Nicol @MattNicol @propacad @grantleboff This was a brilliant session. Loads of value out of the last 3 days.

9 July 2020 Eddie Ellis @Ellis1Eddie - Great morning listening to @grantleboff 

9 July 2020 Property Academy @propacad Day 4 "All Members Week" We've been enthralled with our guest speaker @grantleboff, showing us how to implement sales & marketing ideas to instill confidence in your clients.

28 April 2020 Educate_Motivate_Innovate @ns_conference A huge NSC thank you to @grantleboff for his fantastic webinar this morning on "The Sales & Marketing Conundrum"! Did you miss it? Don't worry, you can catch up on all past webinars here: https://t.co/XizDK0llJ0

28 April 2020 Global CIF, LLC@GlobalCIF Another excellent #webinar provided by @ns_conference@GrantLeboff provided excellent information in "The Sales and Marketing Conundrum." Lots of details that B2B and B2C sales and marketing professionals should take to heart and implement. Thank you Grant and Steve! #NSC2020

24 April 2020 Kevin Cunningham Founder of Innascor | Executive Coach | Group Chair at Vistage | Non Executive Director | Technology and Board Advisor. Fantastic session earlier this week hosted by Grant Leboff.  Some excellent learnings - in particular his views on segmentation and targeting, get these wrong and all the investments you've made will be aimed at the wrong audience. Slice your cake properly and then decide which slice you want to eat!

22 April 2020 APTechnology@aptechnologyuk Thanks to @grantleboff and @VistageUK for a really useful Zoom session yesterday on how to communicate with prospects and clients during the current pandemic. https://t.co/XPQEgxyMLT

22 April 2020 Enterprise Solutions @ESolutionsIre Really great #webinar this morning by @ExecutiveIns and @grantleboff centred around marketing during this time. I highly recommend registering for the other webinar events they are running in their COVID-19 series

8 March 2020 LinkedIn Anthony Bethell MICFor. MD at ArB Tree Care (Specialists) Ltd, Managing today's Woodlands for tomorrow's people.Quite simply the best two days of lectures I've ever had. It's really helped me to  decide to re-evaluate everything in my business. A total game changer of insights.

4 March 2020 Leja Bevk Marketing at Prima Filtertehnika d.o.o.: Yesterday I attended a seminar by Grant Leboff, to improve my marketing skills. As I love, LOVE my job which fulfills me, this was an opportunity I wouldn't miss. The seminar surpassed my expectations and needles to say, I will continue to follow Grants advice on his channel as often as possible - as should any marketer wanting to stay on top of his/hers game .

7 January 2020 Mark Exley  Director of Gravitas HR Solutions Limited - Fantastic presentation as ever from Grant.

7 January 2020 - Stephen Spencer  Head of Sales Prontaprint Leicester and Milton Keynes and Host to Cambridge Business Buzz Networking - Great presentation by Grant Leboff tonight

28 November 2019 Roger Proctor MBE Managing Director, Proctor + Stevenson: I run a digital design and marketing company and the clarity of thinking and insight was outstanding. Really valuable and enjoyable session. Flew by and many take outs. Thank you.

28 November 2019 Jon Penn - Director at CDL, NED, CEO Coach, Vistage CEO group Chair | CEO Coach | Board Advisor | Non Exec Director:-  Well last week my Vistage  group of CEO s had a fabulous session with Grant Leboff, who received the highest scores I have seen for a very long time. Fabulous take away value!

28 November 2019 Emily Hill CEO and Co-founder of Ghyston: It was a great session! Thank you Grant Leboff for painting such a clear picture of what a healthy marketing function could look like and for giving us practical tips on how to achieve it.

22 November 2019 David Braithwaite @CitrusDavid … thanks for a great presentation at @WTrusts in Thame this week. Much appreciated and lots of ideas to implement. We are media channel!

7 November 2019 Lee @finspeak @grantleboff  fabulous presentation at #Solidus today. Thank you!

18 September 2019 Room captivated by  @grantleboff  giving a masterclass in marketing this morning. https://t.co/sEWEn29j5a

18 September 2019 Martin Tolhurst@MartinTolhurst1 @lfsconvawards is in full swing today, fantastic talks already from @grantleboff from Sticky Marketing…

16 September 2019 excellence3ltd@excellence3ltd1 Keele MCIL programme attracts world class speakers. Thank you to Grant Leboff for helping to make the programme  awesome  @KeeleBusiness @KeeleComms @KeeleUniversity @Stickymarketers @grantleboff https://t.co/TFJp5PCqO9

13 September 2019 Will Foster Director of MBA and Executive Programmes at Keele University. Grant Leboff delivering inspirational thinking at Keele to business owners and leaders for the Mercia Centre for Innovation Leadership hashtag#MCIL

06 September 2019 InEvexco@InEvexco Creating value in a digital world, loving this session with Grant Leboff @stickymktgclub at #aeoconference @aeonews https://t.co/R72kljtt9r

06 September 2019 ob Nathan @BobbyNathan Fantastic talk by @grantleboff to round off the #aeoconference. Incredibly inspiring couple of days. Well done team @aeonews

03 September 2019 Ian Porter Director of Neighbourhoods & Customer Services:- hashtag#believehousing in a fantastic vistage session led by Grant Leboff on digital marketing

03 September 2019 Kate Abson Director of Development:- What a fantastic session today Grant Leboff .... certainly a lot for us to take away and think about! Not least our attention to detail as a media business as well as a housing business to ensure we build our audience and retain it.

03 September 2019 Colin Kingshott Director of Assets & Compliance at believe housing:- Cracking session.

9 July 2019 Simon Blake@Simonablake Well @grantleboff - that was a pretty special and a very inspiring talk. Thank you!

28 June 2019 - UP - Performance Advisory, Coaching & Training: Thank you all for joining yesterday and for the overwhelming feedback! Grant Leboff will be pleased to know he got an EXCELLENT rating from all of you who filled in the post-event survey! It's always more insightful to share comments directly from the audience and I think these three sum it up:
1) "A brilliant speaker and a lot of interesting information and feedback that we'll definitely put to practice."
2) "I felt the emphasis on branding and the way we write our copy is particularly relevant."
3) "The session was truly insightful and I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to more session with great content and speakers."
#Masterclass #Internationalspeakers #marketing #digital #Up #Vistage

25 June 2019 - Owen James @OwenJamesFS Thank you @grantleboff for joining us again as a keynote speaker and expert lead for one of our roundtables at today’s #OwenJamesMoM As usual you’ve received high praise sharing your knowledge and key 3 rules of how to keep up with marketing as a result of how it’s changed https://t.co/a3j5atRP7T

12 June 2019 - Sheila McCallum @sheilamccallum - Loved @grantleboff Sticky Marketing (UK) session on #FRO 2019 this morning.

6 June 2019 - Naomi @naomiLDNN Grant Leboff take a bow! Loved the first session on authenticity and brand. Amazing delivery with a sprinkle of technical learning. #CommsHero

16 May 2019 Carrie Cordell - Great talk, really insightful. Thank you Grant Leboff

15 May 2019 - Samantha Jo Burgess - Grant Leboff was brilliant at yesterday’s Master Class and it was a great turn out. Look at these smiles!

15 May 2019 - Chris Leadley Marketing Manager at Forbes Burton - Interesting talk by Grant Leboff yesterday, courtesy of the The Business Hive Club Grimsby, on building a brand for small businesses. Actually went in to the theory behind it and the strategy rather than jumping into the latest shiny tactics.

14 May 2019 - Samantha Jo Burgess – The Business Hive Club - We are delighted today to bring Grant Leboff a national and international speaker to talk about Branding. This event was a sell out and is exclusive to Business Hive Members only. The content is fantastic and we are all learning lots! hashtag#business hashtag#networking

14 May 2019 - Joanne Taylor - Deputy Manager at The Business Hive Club, Grimsby - Loved this Masterclass this morning and the way Grant simplified exactly what branding is. Everyone in the room looked enthralled from where I was sitting and I’m sure lots of the info will be put into practice.

14 May 2019 - Austen Hempstead - This was a really well-delivered talk by @Grant Leboff on branding. Concise, clear and blew away all the 'fluff'. Really useful. If you were there, you received the annual value of your membership fee this morning - and them some. 

14 May 2019 - Rachel Appleton - Food Sector Business Advisor at E-Factor Group Ltd - Fantastic event held this morning by The Business Hive, at Forest Pines Hotel. A Branding Masterclass presented by the amazing Grant Leboff, and we were even lucky enough to meet him too

17 April 2019 Anna Bamford Marketing Manager : Brilliant Vistage Worldwide, Inc. session with Grant Leboff yesterday… Brilliant insights into what we can do to give our customers an even better digital experience and develop an ecosystem to support our content marketing. Thanks for the inspiration and invigoration.

9 April 2019 : Sarah Knight @sarknight Really enjoying listening to @grantleboff talk about what the Sex Pistols can teach us all about marketing.....brilliant session. Lots of takeaways...

28 March 2019 Mann Broadbent @MannBroadbent : Some golden sales & marketing advice from @grantleboff at @PurpleNetworkHQ conference https://t.co/5TLr4dIJhz

27 March 2019 Rob Woods @woods_rob : Brilliant, fascinating session from @grantleboff at Bright Spot LIVE ‘Everyone is a channel now’ @ifundraiser https://t.co/2gr0AWM2lR

26 March 2019 Lisa Jones, Head of Learning and Development at McCann Manchester : An unusually personal post today.. I was lucky enough to be invited to Kay Johnson Gee’s morning event ‘What can the Sex Pistol’s teach us about marketing?’…with the excellent speaker Grant Leboff. Unexpectedly, I’ve been able to apply what I’ve heard this morning to my 2019 goals, I have real clarity and feel inspired!... Thought provoking in an unanticipated way.

26 March 2019 Claire Richardson-Critcher, Digital Business Development Director at McCann Connected : Amazing talk from Grant Leboff on What the Sex Pistols can teach you about hashtag#marketing. Some seriously thought-provoking insights

26 March 2019 Anthony Williams FCA @anthonyganda1 : Great @KayJohnsonGee seminar. With @grantleboff What the Sex Pistols can teach you about marketing

26 March 2019 Karen Hall @karenjm79 : A huge thanks to @KayJohnsonGee and @grantleboff for a fantastic marketing seminar today.

25 March 2019 Hannah Asquith@HannahScoid 1.5 pages of tiny notes... what a thought provoking opening plenary #IoFdigitalfundraising. Thank you ⁦@grantleboff⁩ https://t.co/uLHfCxvNRe

25 March 2019 Sarah Swindley@swindley Great from @grantleboff #IoFDigitalfundraising make the supporter the hero of your comms, tell stories from different perspectives, we are all running media channels.

19 March 2019 - Noam Shapiro : Chief Marketing Officer at InZiv  ‘Terrific presentation by Grant Leboff. Some talks can be substantive, some can be practical, some can be engaging. But to be all 3? That's a jackpot for conference attendees. Thank you!’

19 March 2019 - Sahar Haluzy : Enterprise Solution Consultant at Bringg All speakers were great, but Grant Leboff was remarkable! Very inspired by this session’

13 March 2019 - Head Hunt International Recruitment : Very inspirational morning at the Executive Institute event - Content Marketing & Lead Generation. At this event, Grant Leboff, one of the U.K’s leading Sales and Marketing experts, whose book ‘Digital Selling’ was a number one best seller on Amazon, talked about attracting and retaining audiences in a digital age and about the importance of content marketing. Sticky Marketing Club

28 February 2019: Meredith Niles@meredithniles Really stimulating morning with @grantleboff reflecting on attracting and retaining audiences in a digital age. Thanks, @marm_on_toast, for organising such a thoughtful workshop and for inviting me!

27 February 2019: FRA/FARMA @FARMA_GB Two great workshops on influencer and content marketing from @grantleboff #FRA19https://t.co/fXyn1UQ2Re

What Others Say... Online

"One of my all time favorite interviews, Dougie Fresh. Immediately bought it on Kindle and read it in a day.  I’m adopting this book for my capstone class next semester. It’s the best modern marketing book that combines academic theory and practice of any other out there."

6 March 2020 - Myths of Marketing:-Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 6 March 2020 -  5.0 out of 5 stars, This book offers great insights and learning in to the world of marketing in 2020.:- "I have enjoyed every chapter of this book. As a marketing professional it's a great reference tool to remind clients of each 'myth' and the importance of each one in their world. I've also used it as a unique way to make sure my own strategies and CPD are still up to date. I love the real life examples which help put all the 'myths' into context and how the book is laid out. The book offers great insights and learning into the world of marketing in 2020.Highly recommend." Zoe Bishop, Director, Torchlight Marketing

29 January 2020 - Myths of Marketing:- Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 29 January 2020. 5.0 out of 5 stars .  Challenges Reviewed Wisdoms on every page. "I read more marketing books than is healthy for a man of my age! I could have skipped half in favour of "Myths of Marketing" and still be ahead. I think of myself as reasonably well read in this area but I have only scratched the surface in comparison to Grant's depth of knowledge of Marketing and Marketing thinking. A great work from one of today's leading Marketing thinkers. A must for anyone who has any ambition to call themselves a marketer." Chris Hughes: Emiritus Vistage Chair and Speaker

7 October 2019, Jim Blasingame, The Small Business Advocate (USA Radio) – “Grant Leboff…One of the top digital marketing experts on the planet, probably the galaxy.

“…an excellent read, it’s a necessary read for anybody who is involved in any type of sales presentations…Grant Leboff, one of the world’s leading experts on digital marketing”… Ric Bratton – This week in America. (Syndicated across 128 US radio stations) 23.02

Grant Leboff on TV "On this edition of Business Connections Live, Steve Hyland asks Grant Leboff, one of the UK’s leading sales and marketing experts, about Effective Marketing In A Digital World."  Click here to watch Business Connections Live TV 1:02:00

What Clients & Delegates say...

Barry Phillips, CEO Legal-Island "A great outcome from our review meeting of your two days [consultancy]. See feedback below...

  • 'Grant Leboff : the Gary Kasparov of the marketing world. A fantastic strategist and a brilliant tactician'
  • 'Grant is a no nonsense, no fluff, marketing guru. Grab him for a day if you can get him and he'll save you six months of wondering, experimenting and messing'
  • Grant is without doubt the best consultant we've ever used in our 15 year history. Straight talking, highly experienced and knowledgeable. First class!'

Grant just gave us a presentation here at Seed, and it was AMAZING!!!! We've all been blown away by it - one of my team said it was the best thing she's heard in years and I think that is an accurate reflection of how we all felt. We're all just desperate for more now!! Adam Edwards MA. Director of Education. SEED

Michael Pierce ‏@Piercy0812 @grantleboff giving a fantastic talk on what we can learn from the sex pistols and marketing strategy. #gatorcon @CommuniGatorLtd

Canvas Research ‏@ResearchCanvas  @grantleboff Great presentation today #AMAVEDM Never thought I could learn so much marketing strategy from Punk Rockers!

Deon Newbronner: I saw Grant Leboff yesterday talk marketing and marketing tactics. Absolutely brilliant. He is engaging speaker and his marketing guidance is spot on. Do what he says.

Grant Leboff Scores Straight 10'S At April Peer Group - Posted by Default Admin User / The April event was particularly useful. Grant Leboff spent a morning expanding on how our marketing has to change radically if it is to be effective in the digital age. Members and guests (always a tough audience) scored Grant with straight 10's on both delivery style and on content.

Richard Morris MNAEA Senior Valuer and Head of Marketing,  Hartleys Estate Agents www.Hartleys-EA.co.uk / "I was recently at ‘The Sunday Times / The Times Estate Agency of the Year Awards’ and listened with great interest to Grant Leboff. Myself and many others in our industry commented afterwards that of all the guest speakers that day, he was certainly the best and a great story teller too!"

Penina Shepherd; Entrepreneur, Founder & Commercial Solicitor, ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW / "Grant was a guest speaker at the ACUMEN BUSINESS CONVENTION... The feedback received from over 150 CEOs & MDs who attended the event was phenomenal. Delegates described Grant as “bright” “sharp” “knowledgeable” “thought provoking” “informative” “makes you get us and do things!” as well as added comments as to how brilliant Grant's presentation was.You could hear a pin drop when Grant was giving his speech at the large hall of the Grand Hotel in Brighton. 

"Grant's inspiring and challenging approach ignited us to re-think some of our long established methods and idealogies of growing our market share, in a manner that truly left us excited, with our heads spinning with new ideas! As a result, we have embarked on a strategic review, to assess and re-model our growth plan, ensuring we adopt the right marketing methods to achieve our goals - the mantra 'return on investment' is now replaced by 'return on engagement' is where it's at for us!!!" Nick Smith, UK Managing Director, STILL Materials Handling Ltd

Ewan Walton; Resource Project Management (Human Capital) Saudi & UAE/ "My colleagues and I recently experienced a development seminar with Grant on how to put the intelligence into sales and develop Clients. I am always cautious about these kind of seminars as it usually involves someone trying to convince you that their technique works the best and attempt to dig holes in your methods to try and prove some value. Grant is quite the exception. First of all, the time is spent on logical discussions that engages everyone and maintains high interest throughout (in itself rare). But most importantly it challenged us to really think 'out of the box'. A term thrown around all too easily, but in this seminar, everyone really got to understand what the term actually feels like to embrace. I have no concerns in admitting that he helped me a lot in identifying new paradigms and consolidating that creativity into workable formulas for me. The value and power of delivering empathy and generating insight has never been as apparent as it is now. Will my revenue increase further to time spent with Grant? Yes it will!."

We engaged with Grant after reading ‘Sticky Marketing’, asking him to address some of our key clients, prospects and associates who realise the importance of Customer Intelligence. The impact of Grant’s words will be carried with us always – some incredibly challenging thinking in terms of how to embrace a modern marketing landscape that is made up of so many consumer-led shifting sands. Not only great content and a fantastically flexible approach – but all delivered with such vim and vigour. One of the most impactful and entertaining speakers I have ever been fortunate enough to listen to.” Liz Childerley, Commercial Director, Indicia


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