Books by Grant Leboff

Grants bestselling books provide companies with the new principles of marketing so they can thrive in a digital world.

“If you want to succeed today you must understand marketing. Yet a depressing number of people with “Marketing” in their titles don’t.

Read this book and you will acquire the knowledge you need to outfox your competitors.” Drayton Bird, globally renowned marketer, and Founder,

“In this terrific book Grant Leboff provides readers with a sales model for the Digital Age. This is a vital read for all those involved in any growing organisation” Zev Siegl, Co-Founder Starbucks Coffee (2016)

“Stickier Marketing is, I believe, genuinely essential reading – not only for marketing professionals but also for entrepreneurs, COSs and business leaders in every kind of organisation, large or small…”Rose Joneson, 5 Star review (2014)

“This book changed my life. My sales went from 30% to 40% in one month. I passed this book on to the top salesman in our office and he went above 50%.” Andrew Vickery, 5 Star review (2007)

“I spent every spare moment with pen in hand milking it of every last gem, notes in margins, underlining wholesale – it’s an inspiration.”Andrew Sercombe ( 5 Star review: Sticky Marketing 1st edition Published 2011)

Superseded by 2nd edition; ‘Stickier Marketing’ published in 2014