Why websites fail

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As the digital world evolves, online is becoming a world of meaningful experience.

In this vlog, Grant explains that in today’s marketplace, your website needs to offer more than simply being a point of reference.

If you had to win all your business over the phone, while your competitors were allowed to meet the prospects face-to-face, how much business do you think you’d close?

As the digital world evolves, online is becoming a world of meaningful experience.

In the old days, people would look at a website as a reference point and they’d say, ‘Yeah, people look at it for credibility, but when I meet them face to face, then they’ll really like me and we’ll get the business’.

Today, people no longer see online as the thing that happens before they get a meaningful experience;

Online has to be meaningful in its own right.

Therefore, if your website is just some static texts with some images, it’s not going to provide anybody with anything emotional.

Nothing that they can feel or touch and, therefore, they’re going to go somewhere else.

For example, what audio are you using on your website?

Are using spoken word, for example, podcasts?

Are you using sounds or even music?

What about video?

Video gives the opportunity for people to get to know you, to feel more familiar, to get something more three-dimensional.

And what about interactivity?

Apart from scrolling on the pages itself, is there anything for them to do or click or answer?

The question to ask is; are you just giving people information, in which case your website’s probably not working, or are you hitting them on an emotional level as well and making them feel something?

For example, an interview with the managing director or business owner about what motivates the organisation can give people a real feel about what you are about.

So don’t be the people left on the phone.

If you are not giving your customers a three-dimensional experience online and getting them to really feel, you’re going to get left behind.

There may be small changes to the spoken word in this transcript in order to facilitate the readability of the written English

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    1. Author

      Thanks Simone. I appreciate your kind comments. I am glad that you enjoy the videos.

  1. I love this Grant – it’s given me 2 or 3 ideas to improve my new website. Thank you. Bloody brilliant marketing insights and perspectives as always.

    1. Author

      Thank you Tim for your kind words. I wish you every success with the new website.

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