AI won’t create the next Da Vinci

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AI can give you Da Vinci, but not before Da Vinci gave you Da Vinci, and that goes for all other visionaries. In this vlog, Grant explains where AI and creativity go their separate ways.

AI can give you Beethoven, but not before Beethoven gave you Beethoven

AI can give you Da Vinci, but not before Da Vinci gave you Da Vinci.

And AI can give you Shakespeare, but not before Shakespeare gave you Shakespeare.

AI is fantastic at doing operational tasks so we can be more human, but AI shouldn’t make us less human.

What Beethoven, Da Vinci, and Shakespeare all have in common is they are incredibly creative individuals, and creativity is a human attribute.

No AI would have ever come up with the idea of ‘The Meerkats’* to sell Compare the Market.

While AI is capable of repurposing things in a masterful way, it will never be able to originate anything.

For that, you need a human being.

And business is ultimately human.

Businesses are there to serve people and people do business with other people.

From a marketing perspective, AI can do lots of split testing and measuring, and it can regurgitate lots of content using algorithms, but it can’t do the human elements of empathy and emotion.

AI can simulate emotion and empathy, but when you are an entrepreneur, working 80 hours a week to build your business and putting everything on the line to make it work, it’s only another entrepreneur that’s been on the same journey that really gets what you are about.

One of the most important elements of marketing and communications is empathy.

Customers really need to feel that you understand them, that you get their challenges and where they’re coming from – and that’s a human characteristic.

So of course, we should all be utilising AI for the things that it does effectively and making us more efficient, but we shouldn’t lose our humanity.

AI should be making us more human, not less so.


*the Meerkats are a TV commercial character for the UK comparison website;

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