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Why is it that before you get married, traditionally you get ‘engaged’? In this Vlog, Grant explains, what ‘engagement’ means in marketing terms, and how you need to employ it for your business”

Why is it, before you get married, traditionally, you get engaged?

And why is it that “engaged” is also the word used when you lock a toilet door?

Because “engaged” means occupied, busy or taken, and that’s exactly why the word “engagement” is used in marketing. You have to ask yourself; how often do you keep your prospects and customers busy, occupied or taken?

Of course, you’re not necessarily going to keep your customers occupied every single day, so how often do you need to engaged them? It depends on what you do. For example, over 80% of the UK population goes supermarket shopping on a weekly basis. Therefore, a supermarket may choose to monitor engagement on that weekly basis because, if a customer hasn’t come into your supermarket over three weeks, there are only really a few conclusions. Either they’ve gone on holiday, they’ve stopped shopping with you or they’ve died.

I monitor my customer engagement on a monthly basis because, every week, I put out videos like this. On the other hand, an accountancy or a law firm may only measure their engagement on a quarterly basis. It really does depend on what you do, but I would suggest that it has to be at least on a quarterly basis because the point of engagement is to keep the mindshare of the customer. In other words, when they’re ready to buy, you’re someone that they think of.

What is engagement? Maybe someone re-tweets something you posted on Twitter, likes a piece of content you placed on Facebook or watches a video on your website or maybe it’s an old-fashioned phone call.

In order to engage your audience, you have to create a material with which they’d want to interact, and then you can start to measure which pieces of content are most effective.

And now that I’ve engaged you for the month, I’m going to go and put my feet up.

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