Grant Leboff’s 5th Book

Myths of Marketing

Caution: this book will annoy others, as you’ll keep shouting out “YES!” every few pages. A must-read for everyone who spends even five per cent of their time thinking about marketing.”Jay Baer, Founder, Convince & Convert, and co-author, Talk Trigger

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8 March 2020 Anthony Bethell MICFor. MD at ArB Tree Care (Specialists) Ltd, Managing today’s Woodlands for tomorrow’s people. Quite simply the best two days of lectures I’ve ever had. It’s really helped me to  decide to re-evaluate everything in my business. A total game changer of insights.

Myths of Marketing:- 5.0 out of 5 stars This book offers great insights and learning in to the world of marketing in 2020. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 6 March 2020:- “I have enjoyed every chapter of this book. As a marketing professional it’s a great reference tool to remind clients of each ‘myth’ and the importance of each one in their world. I’ve also used it as a unique way to make sure my own strategies and CPD are still up to date. I love the real life examples which help put all the ‘myths’ into context and how the book is laid out. The book offers great insights and learning into the world of marketing in 2020.Highly recommend.” Zoe Bishop, Director, Torchlight Marketing

4 March 2020: Leja Bevk Marketing at Prima Filtertehnika d.o.o.: Yesterday I attended a seminar by Grant Leboff, to improve my marketing skills. As I love, LOVE my job which fulfills me, this was an opportunity I wouldn’t miss. The seminar surpassed my expectations and needles to say, I will continue to follow Grants advice on his channel as often as possible – as should any marketer wanting to stay on top of his/hers game .


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How Not to be Dull
In many companies, most of the staff have never watched their own corporate video.
If it’s that dull, why do you think your customers and prospects are going to engage with it?
- @grantleboff

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Grants bestselling books provide companies with the new principles of marketing so they can thrive in a digital world.

Myths of Marketing

“Grant Leboff’s new book is a business survival tool. Marketing is evolving at light speed. Decision makers need worthwhile sources to be able to adapt. Leboff is definitely a worthwhile source.” Zev Siegl, Co-Founder Starbucks Coffee (2020)

Digital Selling

“Digital Selling not only challenges existing thinking about the most efficacious sale processes for today but also presents practical solutions based on experience to allow companies to start to generate greater success in this fast moving area”Andrew Peters – Managing Director, Siemens Digital Factory, Congleton, UK.

Stickier Marketing

“Stickier Marketing is, I believe, genuinely essential reading – not only for marketing professionals but also for entrepreneurs, COSs and business leaders in every kind of organisation, large or small…”Rose Joneson, 5 Star review (2014)

Sales Therapy

“This book changed my life. My sales went from 30% to 40% in one month. I passed this book on to the top salesman in our office and he went above 50%.” Andrew Vickery, 5 Star review (2007)

Sticky Marketing

“…I spent every spare moment with pen in hand milking it of every last gem, notes in margins, underlining wholesale – it’s an inspiration. “Andrew Sercombe ( 5 Star review: Sticky Marketing 1st edition Published 2011)

“Superseded by 2nd edition; ‘Stickier Marketing’ published in 2014”

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