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Grant explains that, like the Amazon, Amazon online, is also an ecosystem…

Let me talk to you about Amazon.

No, not that one… That one!

Actually, like the Amazon, Amazon online is also an ecosystem. In fact, the best companies today don’t ‘one dimensionally’ produce a product or service for one set of customers but they create an ecosystem of partners, suppliers, influencers, and customers, all of whom add value for the whole network.

For example, Facebook is the biggest media company in the world and yet it produces no content.

Airbnb is the biggest property company in the world and yet it owns no properties.

People often think of Apple as a very closed company and yet the iPhone really took off with the creation of the app store and Apple make very few of any of the apps available.

Whether it’s Amazon, eBay, or YouTube, many of today’s successful companies create ecosystems.

It’s not about whether you’re a big or small organization, but in order to truly differentiate and add real value, you have to think about your business more three-dimensionally.

Think about the suppliers that you work with who could, perhaps, add more value to the network. What partners or influencers could you bring in to create value for your customers?

And finally, who are the customers that could actually create value for the whole network?

By thinking of your company more as an ecosystem, you can create something truly remarkable.

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