Does Face To Face Matter Anymore?

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Does Face To Face Matter Anymore? In this vlog, Grant compares restaurants with take away and, more relevantly, Zoom or Teams with Face to Face.

Is going to a restaurant better than having a take-away?

It’s almost a ridiculous question, they’re just different. Many nights you want a home-cooked meal because you couldn’t afford to have takeaways all the time. And if you want to celebrate something really special, going to a venue and spending a bit extra might be completely appropriate. And in between you might get the odd takeaway as a treat to save you from cooking. They all have their place.

So why do we hear so often; ‘well Zoom’s not as good as face to face’. Who said it’s supposed to be?

You may have a customer who you go and see three times a year. No one is suggesting for a moment that those meetings aren’t important and you shouldn’t still do that. But in between you may have used to have phone calls. Today, they can be on Zoom or Teams.

It’s more intimate. Over 80% of people actually say they prefer video calls from phone calls and, therefore, it allows you to deepen relationships.

What’s evolving in the online world is; online is becoming an area of meaningful experience. And that’s important. How do you create a meaningful experience when someone visits your website, how do you create meaningful experiences on your social media platforms and how do you make sure your Zoom or Teams calls are also meaningful?

For example, using live chat on your website makes it more interactive and intuitive and enables someone to ask a question they wouldn’t pick up the phone to do.

Having video on your social media channels is a lot more interactive and interesting than simply having text. And Zoom allows you to have meetings with people that you just wouldn’t have had at all and makes them much more personal than a phone call.

So, maybe a takeaway burger is not quite as satisfying as an in-house steak in a restaurant, but both have their place.

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