How do you get in front of cold prospects?

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In this Vlog, Grant explains how to get in front of cold prospects and raise your credibility at the same time.

How do you build credibility in a world where reputation really matters.

How do you get him from a few cold prospects, when cold calling is really not credible anymore and how do you create lots of content for your website and social media channels?

I’m going to show you how to do all three with one easy technique. The ‘interview technique’ works on one simple assumption; if your marketplace is HR Directors then HR Directors are interested in what some of the top people in their industry think. If it’s Finance Directors, other Finance directors are interested in what they think.

And similarly CEOs would be interested in what successful CEOs have to say.

In simple terms, your prospects have really useful insights and information that other prospects will be interested in hearing. Using social platforms or e-mail, approach people who you would like to work with, but your community would also be interested in hearing from. Explain to them you’d like to interview them because the insights and information they have will be useful to others.

The majority of people will be flattered to be asked and willing to participate. When interviewing, you can do it as a video or a podcast or as a written piece. In any event, what it does is, it gives you face time with the very people with whom to work. During the course of an interview it’s very likely that at some point, a prospect would ask you what you do, which gives you the opportunity to explain and, therefore, pitch but in a very soft and credible way.

Not only do you get great content, which you can use on your Web site and social media channels, you also build your reputation as you are seen with the good and the great in your industry.

When posting the material on your social networks be sure to tag your interviewee into the post, as they are then like to share it with their networks, therefore, giving you greater exposure and more opportunities.

There may be small changes to the spoken word in this transcript in order to facilitate the readability of the written English

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