How Not to be Dull

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In many companies, most of the staff have never watched their own corporate video. 

In this vlog Grant asks if it’s that dull, why do you think your customers and prospects are going to engage with it?

Hi, my name’s Grant Leboff. I was born during the 1970s in Watford, which is why I became a keen Watford supporter, something I’m still really interested in. With a couple of brothers and a sister… [graphic ‘Yawn’ and sound fades out]

Why is it that you never visit anybody’s individual social media profile and find a two or three minute video all about their life story?

The reason? ‘Cause nobody cares.

The reason why we engage with people on social media is because they’re posting really interesting stories, attractive pictures and talking about topics that we’re also interested in.

So why do people in business think it’s so different? Why do they suddenly think that a three minute corporate video about when they were founded and their history is going to excite anyone? You know, when I work with companies, even most of the staff in the company themselves, have never watched the corporate video because it’s so dull and yet they think their customers and prospects are going to engage with it.

The rules of engagement for a business are no different from an individual. Engage people in topics that they’re interested in, post really interesting stories and narratives and have pictures that are really going to grab our attention. The key is to understand who your customers are and what their interests and concerns are. By addressing those. You’ll be interesting. Talking about yourself is just dull.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more Grant, no one cares. They only care about themselves and having their own itches scratched and problems solved.

    It still baffles me as to what people engage with on social media though, to the extent I don’t have a lot of faith in the human race, LOL.

    I always say to clients, “Your business is all about your clients, not about you.”

    Another great video Grant.

    1. Author

      Thank you Tim for your comments, you are exactly right, ‘your business is all about your customers’.

      People are only looking at your products and services in terms of what you can do for them.

      Re your comments regarding social media. I think it is because we are social animals and have a perennial fascination with other ‘humans’. It is the same reason why reality TV is so compelling (to many).

      All the Best.

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