I don’t do marketing

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Do you think that your business doesn’t need marketing? In this Vlog, Grant explains that, every business does marketing, even if they don’t think of it as such.

When I give talks on marketing, I’ll often ask my audience for their biggest marketing challenges and there is always someone in the audience that takes sheer delight in telling me that they are highly successful, but they don’t do marketing.

This is completely ridiculous.

They don’t mean they don’t do marketing, what they mean is they don’t do the communications aspect of marketing [comms]. But marketing is so much more than just comms. Much of marketing is made up of strategic disciplines, without which, you simply couldn’t have a business.

For example, deciding where you’re going to make your product to service accessible; whether it’s only online, only in shops or people coming to your office, that is a marketing discipline. Deciding what price you’re going to charge and what value are customers going to get for what they spend, is another aspect of marketing, as is thinking about the whole experience you provide around your product or service.

Of course, many people that don’t do comms still have to think about the price they’re going to charge, where their product’s going to be accessible and the experience they’re going to give in order to have any sort of business whatsoever.

So when people say they don’t do marketing, it’s ridiculous – because it’s impossible to have a business without doing marketing. What they mean is they don’t do comms – which is also ridiculous – but that’s a Vlog for another day.

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  1. Love this Grant! The definition of marketing I like to use is it’s all about ‘finding, attracting and keeping the customers that you want whilst maximising your profits’ – by definition, EVERYONE is involved in marketing even if they don’t realise it and that means the accounts department too!

    1. Author

      Thanks Andy for sharing your insights. Everyone in business is involved in marketing for sure!

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