Is reputation a process?

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You would have thought that just doing a good job for people is enough, then reputation takes care of itself, but it doesn’t. In this VLOG, Grant Leboff explains what you need do to garner your reputation.

You would have thought that just doing a good job for people is enough and then reputation takes care of itself, but it doesn’t.

We live in a world of social proof. Most people’s first point of call is to go online and search and look at companies. So do they see great testimonials and social proof of your company?

Reputation should be a matter of process. In other words, every time you do a good job for someone – and that’s acknowledged – you should ask them for a testimonial. But you don’t want to receive an email telling you what a great job you did because there’s not a lot you can do with that. Gone are the days when you’re going to go and see a customer with a folder full of testimonials and letters that people have written.

Rather, you want them in a public place.

So you need to say to your customer, if you’ve done a good job for them, would you mind writing a testimonial for me on a platform of your choice? It doesn’t matter whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram, whichever platform it is, you can link to it and then place it back on your website. By being in a public place, you are garnering social proof for others to see.

Of course, when you ask a customer, some people would refuse and say they’d rather not post anything and that’s okay, but the process is to ask every single one. One testimonial on its own is not going to make any difference, but if you do this over weeks, months and years, cumulatively you will get hundreds of testimonials. If you and your staff do this and it will look fantastic.

So don’t leave your reputation to chance. Doing a good job for people is simply not enough. Ask for testimonials and get them posted in public places so when other people search for you. They can also see the great job you’ll do.

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