Is your business customer centric?

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Is your Business Customer centric? Of course it is! That’s what everybody says! In the VLOG, Grant suggests a way to test it.

Is Your Business Customer centric? Of course it is! That’s what everybody says…

Here’s a way to test it.

Is Your Business product or service orientated or market orientated? In fact, most businesses are product or service orientated – and what that means is this.
They start with there product or service, think about what they’re good at, what the benefits of it are, and then go and tell the customer. The reality is, that in this scenario, the customer is actually secondary to the product or service offering. Market orientation, on the other hand, is when a business, starts from the opposite way.

A business person goes out and really understands the customer, their problems, their challenges, their issues, and then designs all products and services around those challenges and how to solve them.

This is an ongoing activity and a way of doing business – because of course, markets are always evolving, however, slowly that may happen. It is only a market orientated business that can consider themselves truly customer centric because their starting point is always the customer and they work back to their products and services. Whereas a product or service orientated business starts with their products and services and then goes out to the customer.

The fact is that today, the world is so competitive and customers have so much choice, that the really successful companies are market orientated. They are truly customer centric. If you are product or service orientated there is a very good chance, the offering just will not be as compelling as competitors in the market place, and in order to be market orientated, it means they have to get out there and be talking to customers on a regular basis. Having ongoing conversations to ensure that you truly understand your audience and their challenges all the time.

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  1. 1000% agree…that’s why we have so many businesses that are essentially commodity suppliers…driven mainly by price.

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