Keeping to a healthy marketing diet

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Although you may like desserts, imagine what you’d feel like if that’s all you ate. In this vlog, Grant sets out the marketing equivalent of only wanting the pudding, but ignoring the protein and vegetables.

Although you like desserts, imagine what you’d be like if you only ever ate puddings.

You’d probably feel terrible.

But the marketing equivalent is just that.

People want leads, so they spend all their time and money on sales activation, and they neglect the protein and the vegetables that they also need in order to be rounded and balanced and effective.

In marketing terms, it’s the sales activation – the bottom of the funnel activity – that gets you the leads, the opportunities and eventually the sales, that’s the equivalent of dessert.

Everybody wants that, but you’ve also got to focus on other areas to ensure that your marketing is effective.

So what makes up a healthy marketing diet, apart from sales activation?

Firstly, there’s the operational part of marketing, and that’s your media.

Today, every single company owns their own media channels, a website and certain social media channels of choice.

Those media channels are no good if they don’t have content.

It’s the equivalent of going into a shop and there being no stock on the shelves.

You need the content to make that media work, and so operationally, you need to be feeding every single week, your media channels with good content.

Next, you need to invest in brand.

Brand is everything.

It builds the awareness.

It’s the top of the funnel activity that actually makes the bottom of the funnel activity effective.

In other words, who’s going to click on what had more – Apple computers or Smith and Jones computers?

Of course, Apple, but it’s only the brand awareness that they’ve built, that means people then click on it and their sales activation works.

Investing in brand is really important.

If you get a healthy balance between your media operation, your brand building, and your sales activation, that’s a healthy marketing diet that will really be effective.

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