The Hitchhiker’s Lesson

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Are you losing your prospect’s attention with too much ‘information overload’? In this Vlog, Grant explains a simple test to set you on the right road.

Imagine your customer is a hitchhiker.

As you pull over and wind down the window, you start to tell them about the make and model of your vehicle and how it gives such a smooth ride. You then go on to tell him about your own driving experience and how you’re safe behind the wheel. Finally, you tell them all about the music that you’re playing and how you’ve picked certain tunes for certain parts of the journey.

Despite all that information, your hitchhiker only has one question – Where are you going?

People make this mistake with their communications all the time. They tell their clients and customers all the information that they just don’t need to know and then wonder why they fail to keep their attention and engage them.

Don’t lose them with loads of irrelevance. You need to be able to answer just three key questions.

1) What does my prospect want to do?

2) What will be important to them?

3) What do they need to know?

By staying focused, you’ll find it easier to get their attention and keep them engaged.

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