A Lettuce Ate My Grandmother

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In this Vlog, Grant explains the importance of creating attention grabbing headlines.

“A lettuce ate my grandmother.”

Now that’s a headline that might encourage you to read the opening paragraph.

And that’s exactly how a newspaper works. What you never do is ready the body copy before you’ve read the headline.

Now that is information architecture.

A good headline will grab you, and encourage you to give a little more time to the story. Yet people often ignore information architecture on their own media channels.

For example, how often have you gone on someone’s website, and on the home page, you’re immediately asked to download a white paper. But that’s like asking someone to read the body copy before they’ve looked at the headline.

Information architecture tells us that we have to take our customers and prospects on a logical journey. A headline might encourage us to watch a 25 second teaser video. After that, we might choose to read a 300 word blog, and on the back of that, we may be asked to download a white paper.

Of course, information architecture is dependent on getting a great opening headline, such as “A lettuce ate my grandmother.”

I did wonder why she’d been so long at the shops.

There may be small changes to the spoken word in this transcript in order to facilitate the readability of the written English

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