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Producing a blog, every week, isn’t always as easy as it sounds. ‘Stuff’ always happens that gets in the way of putting your thoughts together. In this Vlog, Grant explains how to overcome such problems and produce regular good quality content.

This is what Netflix don’t do: Everybody gets together on a Monday and through Thursday they make an episode of House of Cards. Then everybody goes home for the weekend. They put it out on Sunday and everybody reconvenes on the Monday to start again.

There’s two reasons they don’t do it. First of all is inordinately expensive to get all the actors and actresses and camera crew and production team, every single week for weeks on end, while they make the series. And the second problem is if one of the lead actors or actresses are ill, suddenly Sunday comes along and they have to put a sign up ‘saying sorry we didn’t do this week’s episode because Jill was ill’ and although it sounds obvious, when you talk about it from Netflix’s, point of view that’s how most business people work. They say they blog on a Monday and every Monday comes along and they try and blog.

But of course an emergency comes up at work, then suddenly it’s Wednesday and before they know it they’ve got two or three weeks without blogging.

Essentially, businesses today own their own media channels. Be it their Web site or social platforms and, therefore, they have to think like a media business. And that means; bulk producing content. For example, rather than vlog once a week, book half a day in your diary and do three vlogs in one go – and the next three weeks are taken care of.
Another example; It will be in ardently expensive to get a camera crew and a team to interview one person and do a series of three or four short interviews. But if you book a hotel room and have 10 guests in a day – and do three or four interviews with each – suddenly for a day of filming, you have 40 short interviews that you can use over a period of months. Producing is both time efficient and cost efficient, and is the only way to produce enough good quality content, in today’s media hungry world.

There may be small changes to the spoken word in this transcript in order to facilitate the readability of the written English

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  1. Excellent post Grant. 2018 is the year for creating ‘time and energy saving habits’. Bulk producing blog content and video interviews is on the top of our list to make our marketing efforts more efficient and effective!!

    1. Author

      Hi Austin, I am glad you enjoyed the post. I wish you every success with your content creation!

  2. I remember thinking this is a good idea – when I first heard you outline it some time back – and it’s still a smart idea.

    Hope your Christmas et al was as good as circumstances permitted.

    1. Author

      Thanks Tim. It is really important in order for businesses to utilise their media channels effectively.

    2. Always remember the first time I heard you advocate this approach some time back. It made sense then and it makes even more sense today .

      1. Author

        Thanks Chris. Yes, it is a challenge. People either don’t do it well. Sometimes, however, they do it well but spend too much time and resource on it. This, I think, is the happy medium.

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