Digital Selling

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In order to explain Digital Selling, let me start off by telling you about bank robber Willie Sutton.

Having been sent down twice before, Willie Sutton was sent to prison for the third and final time in 1950.

As he came out of the courthouse, a journalist accosted him and said, “Willie, why do you keep robbing banks?”

His answer, “Because that’s where the money is.”

Sales people used to make cold calls because their customers were sitting behind a desk answering the phone. But increasingly, people are working from home, they’re working all over the place. They’re not answering land lines but using mobile phones. Therefore, sales people have to ask; where are their customers?

These days purchase journeys start online; people using forums, blogs, social media, and websites to start their purchase journey and choose their preferences.

That is where sales people need to be.

Digital Selling is the answer to those issues.

How do sales people use social media and the web intelligently to generate leads, to understand the purchase journey?

Digital Selling gives you that model.

Digital Selling will introduce you to the new digital sales funnel, a mechanism to measuring and understanding where you are, how successful your lead generation is being, and how to generate new business for your company.

Willie Sutton refused to stop robbing banks because he knew that’s where the money was. For sales people today, they have to be online because that is where the money is.

Digital Selling gives sales people a model for being successful in this new world.

So, what are you going to do next?

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