Don’t tell me. Show me

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This is going to be the best film ever.

It is going to change your life.

You don’t believe me? …Exactly.

If this really was the best film ever, I would have just let it speak for itself. As customers, we’ve been so let down. Companies make promises, politicians make promises that they just never fulfil. Therefore, in marketing there is a golden rule which you really must stick to.

Don’t tell me, show me.

Here are some examples:

If you’re an expert, don’t tell me you’re an expert, show me you’re an expert.

Write a book, write an authoritative white paper, put together a webinar with other credible figures in your industry, which make both you and them look great.

If you’re a market leader, don’t tell me you’re a market leader, show me you’re a market leader. Demonstrate your expertise, be courageous, be bold, have original messaging. Don’t just follow all your competitors.

…and if you have integrity, don’t tell me you have integrity, show me you have integrity. Follow up, fulfil your promises, be authentic, live your purpose, and your reputation will build.

If you have a solution that guarantees to improve results, don’t tell me it will improve results, show me. Put together case studies, ask for client testimonials, get clients on video to say how it improved their business and their lives.

In a world where customers are more sophisticated and cynical, simply making empty promises just doesn’t work. In marketing the golden rule today is, don’t tell me what you’re going to do, demonstrate it and show me your expertise and in that way your marketing will be really effective.

Is this the best film ever?

Probably not.

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