How well is your brand doing?

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In this Vlog, Grant explains how you can judge your brand’s success.

People often talk about the importance of brand, but what are the measures you can use to decide how well your brand is doing?

The first one is brand awareness, which is simply; how well known is your brand within your marketplace?

There might be a pub in a town which the majority of people living there, know about. That would be brand awareness.

Brand recognition is something different. It’s that when you see a brand, it’s familiar.

Brand recognition can work well when you’re surfing the web or in a retail environment. For example, you can be walking down the aisles in the supermarket and as you go past toilet paper, you recognise the Andrex with the fluffy Labradors and throw it in the trolley.

That would be brand recognition.

Brand recall is when you know a brand without any triggers at all. You could be in the office and someone’s going to go to the news agent to get some products and you could say, yeah, I’ll have a ‘Snickers’. That’s brand recall.

The ultimate in branding is what we call top of mind awareness. In other words, you are the first brand in your category that people think of. For example, if I asked someone for trainers, they’ll say Nike’s or a soft drink, they’ll say, Coca Cola.

So when considering brand, you need to think about where you are on that spectrum and how you may be able to push it forward.

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