Sticky Marketing Seminar At Kay Johnson Gee

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With an ever increasing number of businesses blogging, using social media and producing content, it is the companies which stay ahead that will be successful in such a highly competitive environment.

With this in mind, last month, a number of delegates attended the ‘Sticky Marketing’ seminar which I was asked to run for the accountants; Kay Johnson Gee, in Manchester.

Among the topics we explored were:

  • How the socialisation of information is changing the way a company communicates its message.
  • How the way people relate to brands has altered, and the affect this has on a business.
  • How the World Wide Web is going social. Understanding ‘The Social Web’ and what that means for a company’s marketing strategy.
  • How social media is evolving and the strategies needed to utilise it properly.
  • How value creation is being altered, as digital and the web are changing the way both businesses and individuals buy.
  • Why, due to the ubiquity of mobile devices, businesses must change their method of communications, and how.
  • Why, creating content is no longer enough – How to drive strategies for creating the RIGHT content.

Does that exhaustive list leave you a little breathless
With the world of marketing changing so fast, it is important that companies keep abreast with all that is going on. The ‘Sticky Marketing’ seminar for Kay Johnson Gee gave the delegates the chance to do exactly that.

If you would like to find out more about arranging a similar seminar with Grant Leboff for your company or business group, please contact us

Comments from Attendees

Helen Varey

Victoria Moffat

George Wealthall

Adrian Taylor

Emma Donovan

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