Stop With The Data Already

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Don’t rely too much on your algorithms.

In this vlog, Grant explains that however much we may analyse our data, it will never replace creativity.

McDonald’s could have analysed all the data on planet earth and never come up with Ronald McDonald the clown.

Budweiser could have looked to every algorithm under the sun and still not come up with the idea of ‘Wassup!’

And wouldn’t have come up with meerkats merely using analytics.

I’m not suggesting the analytics, algorithms, data and measurement isn’t important. It absolutely is and we have more of it available than ever before, but I’m concerned that something’s been lost.

All good communications start off with one basic element… A GREAT IDEA!

While important, analytics and keywords are not a substitute for great creative. An algorithm won’t move people emotionally – creative will do that.

Data won’t hit someone in the guts and motivate them to engage with your product – creative will do that.

Keywords won’t produce the memorable phrase which will be repeated by friends and colleagues – creative will do that.

Before you get bogged down in the data, the algorithms, the analytics, the keywords, and all the other technicalities, just make sure you have a great idea.

There may be small changes to the spoken word in this transcript in order to facilitate the readability of the written English

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