Where do your clients learn?

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In this Vlog, Grant explains that while social platforms may contain some useful information, professionals in any industry will have their favourite ‘go to’ places to learn and you need to be there.

Would you go to a dentist who learnt root canal by using Twitter?

Would you want to be defended by someone who got their knowledge from the law by using LinkedIn?

Of course this wouldn’t happen. While social platforms may contain some useful information, professionals in any industry will have their ‘go to’ places for learning. While it is important for your business to post content on its own media channels, for example; a Web site, blog, and its social platforms, there is another question that you should be asking:-

Where do your customers learn?

For example, if you’re targeting accountants to what institutes and associations do they belong? What forums do they use and journals to they read? Similarly do lawyers belong to the Law Society and read the Law Gazette?
If you create content that adds real value for your audience and isn’t just purely self promotional, a lot of times people be willing to take it, because in this media world, people are desperate for content and can’t produce it all themselves. By asking where your customers learn, you will create opportunities for your business to get in front of potential prospects. By considering where it’s going to get placed, it might also influence the style and substance of the material that you create.

Asking where do my customers learn, should become a key component of your content strategy.
Where’s that’s tweet about landing this thing

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