The 4 Buyer’s Fears

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When was the last time you made a major purchase without any concerns?

In this Vlog, Grant Leboff explains that as buyers, we all have fears when we make a major purchase, and the more you can mitigate those fears, the easier it will be to make a sale

When was the last time you made a major purchase without any concerns?

Of course, as buyers, we always have concerns, but if you can make sense of them, then you can allay those fears and make it more likely you’ll get the deal. Essentially, we can understand buyers’ concerns by thinking of them as four different categories.

The first one is price. Buyers worry they’re going to pay too much, they could get it cheaper somewhere else, or that they’re being ripped off.

The second concern is that they will be left disappointed. We’ve all been in situations where we’re concerned that it just won’t work out. That whatever we’re buying just won’t do exactly what we hoped it would.

The third category of worry is what friends or colleagues will say. We have all been in situations where we’re concerned as to what our fellow board members will say, or family or friends…

I always remember a friend of mine, who radically changed her hairstyle and really liked what the hairdresser had done, but she spent the next few weeks of her life apprehensive everywhere she went because of what other people were going to say about it. Even though SHE liked it, the point was; what other people think matters.

And the last one is the fear of change. Whether a buyer has never used your type of product or services before or whether they have, but with someone else, the fact is that if they’re using you for the first time, they’re having to do something different and for many people just doing something different is uncomfortable.

By understanding the issues that buyers have, depending on your product or service, you can then introduce ideas to allay some of those fears. So for example, when it comes to fears of price, the way you explain what you’re charging could change whether somebody feels comfortable or uncomfortable with the price.

Things like money back guarantees also will allay fears. When it comes to buyers, being concerned that they will be left disappointed that it won’t work out and what colleagues or friends and family will say, being able to cite people that you’ve worked with in the past who they may know, and also giving case studies and testimonials, will also help add to your credibility and allay some of those concerns.

The fear of change is not always easy to get over. Sometimes you are just going to have to accept that a buyer just has to do something different.

However, free trials, free downloads, and those kinds of things where they get a chance to sample what it is before they fully commit, are possibilities depending on what you’re selling.

So it’s worth thinking about your product or services and laying them against the four concerns that buyers have. The more you can mitigate those, the easier it will be to ensure that you take buyers over the line and make sales.

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