The importance of emotion in business

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How do you want your customers and prospects to feel? In this Vlog, Grant explains that buying is not exclusively a rational decision.

Jonathan Haidt once said, ‘The rational mind thinks it’s the oval office when really it’s the press office.’

In other words, we think that we make all our decisions rationally, but in reality, we make most of our decisions on emotion and in the subconscious, and then we post rationalise the decision that’s been made.

Why is it then, in the business to business world, that marketing often ignores emotion entirely?

You’ll often see websites and literature full of rational reasons and benefits as to why someone should buy a particular solution, but we know the purchasing decisions are not made in this way. No one is suggesting that you ignore the rational, but neither should you ignore the emotional.

A business has to understand how it wants its customers and prospects to feel and use the right language, imagery and colours to make sure those feelings are evoked. Any business that fails to do this is missing a big part of the purchasing decision-making process.

What is interesting is in selling, people do understand that emotion plays a big part in the process. The phrase ‘people buy people’ is used all the time, but that isn’t strictly rational. Getting on with someone and feeling good about working with them is as much about emotion as it is about logic.

In the same way, a company’s marketing has to evoke feelings too.

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  1. I think this is especially true in the medical devices world. So often a picture of people in white coats smiling at each other while holding a clip board or iPad is the closest you get.
    If a little time was taken talking with the people that matter the emotions flow out and are so powerful

  2. Absolutely – have been going on (and on and on !) about OESP for decades now .

    1. Author

      You are absolutely right Chris. People don’t appreciate how vital it is.

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