The Power of Communication

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Can simple words make you feel sick? In this Vlog, Grant explains that we don’t just taste food, we also taste words, and sometimes the latter is more powerful than the former.


The Polish American scholar, Alfred Korzybski was once giving a lecture and he stopped halfway through and he said to the students, ‘I’m terribly sorry, but I’ve got to eat something’.

He walked over to his bag and he took out a packet of biscuits. He took a biscuit himself and then he offered some to the students sitting in the front row. He then took a second biscuit and while he was chewing on it, he started to take off the white wrapper that was covering the biscuits. As he did so, he revealed a picture of a dog and the words ‘dog cookies’ at which point two of the students in the front row started to retch, others ran out to the toilet and some covered their mouths in shock and horror.

At which point, Alfred Korzybski addressed the audience and he said this. He said; ‘You see, we just don’t taste food. We also taste words and sometimes the latter are more powerful than the former’.

The point is, however good your product or service is, it won’t just stand on its own. The way you communicate it matters, and it will affect how successful you are.

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