Your CRM is rubbish

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Grant questions why you enter information you have gleaned about your customers, such as their birthday, children or favourite sports team on your CRM

Do you diligently enter information about your customer, such as their birthday, number of children or favourite sports team, when they tell you in order to have a better relationship with them in the long-term? – Why?

The problem with most customer relationship management systems, or CRMs, is that they only capture the information that you put in between you and your customer. Nowadays, people are posting all sorts of information about themselves, their marital status, their favourite football team, the number of children they have, on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Instead of diligently capturing a small amount of that information, why not access your customer’s social platforms and have a much wider amount of information in real-time?

Welcome to the world of Social CRM. It’s the social aspect of your customer relationship management that will make it really effective. By using the email to track the social media profile of your customers and prospects enables you to get a much fuller picture and understanding of them and, therefore, communicate with them in a much more relevant way.

For example, it may have taken several interactions with a customer to discover they were a Manchester United season ticket holder and went there every week with their three boys. However, a cursory look at their Facebook page would have brought up immediately a picture of your customer with his three lads at Old Trafford. It’s simply ridiculous to not use the public information available that enables you to deliver a better experience to your prospects and customers.

So stop waiting to try and gain insights about your customers, and simply start using Social CRM.

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  1. Good suggestions didn’t think to approach social media

    1. Author

      Thanks Sakina, I am glad you found the vlog useful.

    1. Author

      Thank you David. I am glad that you found the vlog useful.

  2. Great vlog post Grant! Using Social media to build the relationship with the customer makes the data become human. And, it’s all.about the relationship and connecting with the customer – be it a potential client or prospective student.

    1. Author

      Thank you Ariel. I am glad the post resonated with you. I agree, it makes perfect sense to use the information already in the public domain.

    1. Author

      Thanks Simone for following. I am glad you find the info useful.

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