Why is marketing products ineffective?

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The current perception in marketing circles is that ‘marketing products’ today is not as effective as in previous years.

In this lesson; Simon Hall, author of Innovative B2B Marketing, discusses the reasons for the move away from ‘marketing products’ to ‘marketing solutions’.

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Innovative B2B Marketing

New Models, Processes and Theory

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About Simon

Simon Hall is a marketing innovator with over 20 years’ experience in Technology and Services Marketing. In his former career, he served as UK Chief Marketing Officer for Dell as well as many senior  European roles at Acer, Microsoft and Toshiba; he is also author of the book ‘Innovative B2B Marketing’. 

In 2016 Simon founded NextGen Marketing Solutions, with the aim to help companies of all sizes capitalize on the latest marketing techniques. He is passionate about pioneering new and exciting initiatives and sharing his knowledge and experience with the current and next generation of marketers, and you can find him regularly speaking at conferences and events, as well as on the board of several associations.

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