Exposing Sales Myths #6 – Sell the sizzle not the sausage

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In a world where so many products are commoditised and it is difficult to tell competing products apart, surely it’s the sizzle in the presentation that makes the difference? In this lesson, Sales and Marketing educator, Mark Blackmore, explains his view that this isn’t always the case.

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About Mark Blackmore

Mark Blackmore is an experienced consultant and passionate sales and management educator. He has consulted and trained in a wide variety of sectors and his clients include both blue chip and household names (Barratt Homes, Mamas & Papas, G4S, NHS; Nokia, AutoTrader; Google, Hellmanm Logisitcs).

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  1. Interesting comments!

    Yesterday I saw a well known small business “guru” selling a new marketing product by telling us that we should all devote more time to being “marketers” rather than “doers”. This seems to be a trendy theme developed over the last few years. It is a reasonably valid point in that most businesses probably don’t understand marketing – why should they? I recognise this from my own businesses over many years – I didn’t get it – no one told me!

    So as a non-marketer I want to keep things as simple as possible!

    It seems to me that we as business owners get too focused on ourselves and what we sell. This is partly inevitable perhaps as the business is our profit stream etc. Yes it is “all about us” but with the vital proviso that we recognise that every pound of profit comes from our customers – our partners to quote Grant.

    Maximising the value of the transaction for both parties comes from as closely satisfying their needs/wants as we can. It is this satisfaction they are buying rather than what we sell. So, we only really go to the hairdresser to look/feel better rather to have a haircut.

    Customers don’t buy products/services just results. Unfortunately results aren’t necessarily always an easy sell particularly as customers often don’t realise that it is the “hole that they want not the drill”.

    1. Author

      Hi Adrian, I really enjoyed reading your post. Thank you for your comments. The reason why I think it is imperative today that we all become marketers, or at least understand marketing, is that we now live in a world where every single one of us owns our own media channels.

      I agree that most business owners find it very hard to understand their offering from their customers’ point of view. That is why, at Sticky Marketing Club, we came up with the concept of Problem Maps®. These force you to look at your offering through your customer’s eyes and really be clear on your value proposition.

      You are absolutely right, customers buy results. However, in a world where there are many companies claiming to deliver results, the ‘experience’ you provide while achieving those results becomes tantamount. So, like you pointed out, we go to the hairdresser to look and feel better. However, we don’t just want to look and feel better when we come out, we want the delivery itself to be an experience to savour.

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